First try with K3 & Sigma 70-200


Link Posted 12/02/2014 - 12:43
These photos were taken at a competition at our local riding club so I was allowed to go on the terrain.

The lens arrived the day before the competition, so I didn't get a chance to practise beforehand. The conditions were variable, going from bright sun to dull and overcast - even rain. There were one or two in-camera adjustments I could have made, and of course there's a long way to go with composition - it's easy to zoom in too close and not give the horse any room !
But I was happy at the end of the day. The speed of the AF was fantastic and the brightness and shallow DOF were remarkable.
These are JPEG, straight out of the camera apart from cropping and a levels tweak in a couple.

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Sally, like the last three images. the 4th & 5th ones are very nice, especially for JPEGs.
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Thank you, Gareth. The last one is probably my favourite as I got exactly what I wanted : sharp on the person with fuzzy detail behind of the competition.
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