First DSLR - K10d queries


Link Posted 27/05/2008 - 20:45
I was pleasantly surprised when I sold our two *istDS bodies how well the price held up. Good K10D bodies may well be sought after.
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Link Posted 27/05/2008 - 21:45
Based on what is happening to the *ist DS, my prediction is that the price of the used K10D will continue to gradually fall until it bottoms out at just below 200. It'll then stay at that sort of price for a year or two, then rise a bit as it becomes a collectors item.


Link Posted 28/05/2008 - 16:21
Bought my K10D a couple of months ago after weeks of indecision. I was originally going for a K100D super but after plenty of advice from this forum decided on it's big brother. It is a steep learning curve for a beginner but is so much more enjoyable, especially when you start putting out some decent shots and you know you have done it without the different modes.
As for lens choice I bought just the body and a tamron 24-135mm lens and used that for a few weeks before deciding that my interest was leaning more towards the macro side of photography rather than landscape etc so I have since bought a few lenses off Ebay to play around with in the knowledge that if I do not particularly like one then I will more than likely get my money back the same way.

I am really impressed with the camera, it's a great piece of kit.
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Link Posted 29/05/2008 - 08:08
I've been looking around for an inexpensive *ist D or DS for a friend who wants to get into proper photography, and I am quite dismayed at how much they are going for.

My general approach to anything technological is that after three years it will probably have to be replaced, and will therefore be pretty much worthless. But can I buy a four year-old *ist D for fifty quid? No, I can't. There are very few on the market, and they tend to go for nearer two hundred.

DSLRs have reached the stage where improvements are subtle, rather than radical. I expect the K10D will hold some value for quite a while.

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