Finally have the courage XD


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Oh wow thanks Clarky, I see why you like the 21ltd it's amazing but still I like to shoot portraits and it's too bad I don't have the money for all the lenses I want

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Welcome to the Forum Stefan.

It sounds as though the DA*55 is going to be a great lens.

It will be interesting to see what the actual retail price is.

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Welcome Stefan.

Nice introduction you made. Good to see you online here as well in the competition area. You will love it here and you will always want that other lens. It is a commen habit amongst photographers - called LBA!!!


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Hi Hyram and Nimitz, I'm already feeling very welcome here.
Hopefully some of the other just joined members are going to write a piece, feeling a bit lonely here

Yeah have heard of LBA before and I've it too I think... is it a bad thing? Whit the current economy I think that a lens would be far more valuable than most of the stock, so it's a wise investment.
Just hoping now that the DA*55 would be as good or better than the FA85, if that's the case it will never cost you money for sure

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Hello finaly
My name is Istvan, 26 year old economist, from Tirgu Mures, Romania.
I have just bought my first dslr camera a Pentax K200d with the 18-55, and 50-200 kit lenses. Its a whole new world to me, i was shooting until now with a Fuji Finepix s5700, and i need a litle time to get used with the new system, so i am glad that i've discovered this site.
My main interest is nature photography.
Also it was a big surprise and boost for my spirit, that my foto was chosen as winner at last week's competition, and i hope i can live up to the task of chosing the winner this week.
I saw that already you have sent a lot of great shots, it will be a difficult job to choose.
Sorry for the late introduction.


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Bine ati venit, Istvan

Cu stima, Kris.
Kris Lockyear
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Welcome Istvan,
Congrats with winning the competition, will try to enter yours if I can make a nice shot this week
I wish I had a 21ltd now or something wider

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Welcome Istvan,

you certainly entered the forum in style. Good to see that more young folk is joining the forum. That will give us old-timers a run for our money.

Speaking of old-timers: I'm 44 years old (some forum members will say I'm barely grown up), a physicist by training and work as an engineer/scientist developing chemical sensors for oceanography.

I ventured into Pentax DSLR's when the *istD came out. I had a Ricoh SLR before and with the *istD I was able to use some of the lenses. The lenses from that time have all retired now.

My latest support for the ailing photo industry was a K20 in March and a DA* 16-50 this month. The K20 certainly has dropped in value since March but not as much as some companies shares...

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Welcome Stefan, like yourself Im pretty new to Pentax having had my first DSLR for some 18 months or so. Im sure you as I have find the forum full of useful info and advice and also very user freindly.
All the best Ian.


Link Posted 31/10/2008 - 11:08
Hi philstaff, this forum was very helpfull indeed. Did learned a lot of things about the camera that weren't in the manual and this the best comunity I've ever seen. The members are always helpfull and full of advise and it's always very cosy

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Welcome to the forum Stefan, I hope you enjoy it here.
"Just put your eye to the camera and push the button-thingy."
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the name is Istvan


Link Posted 02/11/2008 - 15:28
Welcome to both Stefan and Istvan. Excuse my ignorance, but where is Tirgu Mures? From your avatar it looks cold.

Cymru Am Byth


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Welcome to the forum guys

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Some are more equal than others
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Hi Anvh.

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