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2nd November seemed to be a popular day for new joiners. Looks like I may be the first one on the 3rd!

I'm a relative Pentax SLR newcomer having started with an *istD in 2003. Mind you I have had a camera since I was 9 (39 years ago) and have since owned or used a variety formats and equipment from just about every major manufacturer from Agfa to Zenit.

I use a K20D now and I have collected some nice new and second hand glass in the last 5 years, so I guess I am stuck with Pentax for now, though with few regrets. The *istD was the first camera I ever owned that made the right compromise of convenience and quality and the K20D is a major step up from there. Printing such detailed 19" X 13" (A3+) prints at home is something I could only have dreamed about 10 years ago.

I do a bit of paid work, mainly portraits and portfolios, and sell some urban landscape work, but I still have a day job. However I am far more interested in developing my artistic and technical skills than procrastinating about the gear itself. Like it or not, digital has democratised photography. Although this has put a lot of dross on the internet, it has also raised the bar in a creative sense because its a simple medium to exploit. I love the stuff my 23 year old neice does with a Fuji F30 even though its never been out of auto mode.

Although I have been a participant in many other forums - including "depressing reviews" - I find gear-head angst, pixel envy and measurebating a bit of a turn off. I have a Pentax and I love it, but I don't care what anyone shoots with if they produce good results. I can quite understand that other people have other needs and preferences. Having said that I respect Pentax buyers for seeing past the marketing hype and sales pitches and making up their own minds. You are not wrong any of you, there are plenty of reasons for choosing a Pentax. For me they still have an edge in print output quality, usability and sheer value for money.

Having lurked long enough to see some of the high quality work published here I think this will be a good learning forum, though I hope I may be able to help a few people out as well.
Cheers, Steve


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Welcome aboard Steve.
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Welcome to the forum Steve!

From what you wrote there I think you came to the right forum. A Critical-i certainly isn't lost on the forum members.


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Welcome, Steve, and thank you for an informative introduction!
Best regards

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Hi Steve and welcome.

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Welcome Steve - always room for one more here.


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Hi Steve, glad to have you aboard.
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Hi Steve,

Welcome to the forum

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Welcome aboard


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Hi and welcome
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Welcome Steve.



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Welcome, Steve.

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