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No one is getting their lens included in their EXIF data. For months I have had only partial camera make and model data included. Now I am getting absolutely nothing in lens, camera make, camera model, when I know for a certainty that the information is right there in my image when I upload. I cannot understand why it is so darn difficult to get these problems straightened out. How difficult can it be.

Frustrated Go4IT


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As you may have noticed, Iíve been looking into improving the way EXIF data is displayed on the site. After reviewing 100s of photos, is seems that the lens data isnít always guaranteed to be present, so as an initial solution Iíve offered the option to choose a lens from our database at the point of upload.

Whilst investigating this upgrade, Iíve noticed that your files donít seem to be consistent with everyone elses, the data seems to be corrupt/fragmented. Iím not 100% sure whether this is coming straight from your camera, or if itís a case that your post processing method is causing it.

Ideally I like to see one of your files straight out of camera, so if youíd like to PM or submit a report Iíll provide you with an email address to send me a sample file to.

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Thanks for getting it rationalised. Most of my photos too have the lens info in the exif present and where need be I usually copy it across from the maker notes using exiftool. However, the lens is showing as N/A.
As an example, this is an image from my gallery which includes the lens model in the exif, as shown by the Fxif Firefox plugin data, yet PU shows it as N/A.

Pentax seem to handle the lens model differently to other manufacturers by not including it in the exif by default and rely on applications copying it from the maker notes. However not all applications do this so it is a detail that can often missing.
John K


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Thanks John K for the additional information, between us all we can crack this and provide the best solution for all. Currently itís very much work in progress, so all info is welcomed.



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In addition, once the EXIF issues are ironed out Iím looking to then provide galleries based on the equipment used. But one step at a time...


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Thanks for your comments Rick. I appreciate it that you are dedicated to fixing things. I will send you what you ask for tomorrow, but for now let me say that I use Lightroom 6, and when I export my raw files to my desktop as jpegs, prior to uploading them to PU, my Apple PREVIEW Ap shows a ton of data--it gets all the EXIF data spot on (though camera make and model are shown in a panel called "TIFF"), colour model, DPI and Pixel height and width, white balance, scene capture type, copyright info, etc. In Lightroom, all the EXIF data are present in full. You say if I'd like "to PM" -- what does this mean? And how do I get you my file straight out of the camera? Thanks Rick.


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What does a shutter speed of 0/1 mean? Exif shows the photo in question had a 3 second exposure.
John K
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Most of my lenses are too ancient to be recognised! But I did notice on your lens list that the SMC Pentax-M f4 100mm macro is missing.
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@go4IT I'll send you an email shortly
@JAK Long exposure values are now fixed
@davidwozhere I've added in your Pentax M 100mm f4

Also, for anyone interested in updating their older uploads, you can choose 'edit' and add in the lens you used.


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My lens info is also not showing up. Last uploaded photo has the relevant info. The suggest list, however, does not include this particular model.
Picture in question: link
Lens as per PS exif data is - smc Pentax DA 55-300mm F4-5.8 ED.

I do like the new exif display box! Cheers
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Thanks for the positive feedback Mag07, I've added your lens and updated your photo. It'll be available from now on.




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There's a "Suggest a Lens" tab just under the lens box which might help for the more obscure ones.
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Now how about some of those long promised addons/corrections like bringing back the how many people have viewed your thread which we lost years ago in the revamp ... or when we come back to a thread we are taken straight to the last read post rather than having to trawl through it every time.

An ignore button would be nice as well ... I imagine for others as well as myself
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@go4IT I've sent you a couple of emails. Looks like invalid chars in your Copyright Holder EXIF field.

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Probably the © character. Given its a copyright sign in a copyright field does it really need to be there? If it is for your other uses, suggest keep the field alphanumeric by using (c). Sometimes control characters can do odd things in databases and in html code as they can have alternate meanings to the software.
John K
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