Equiside Genesis


Link Posted 12/08/2009 - 16:33
All these photos of adorable dogs are making me remember mine. As some of you know Beta my GSD died in April 2008 aged 10 1/2 after a short sudden illness. We made a mistake and got a puppy to soon after her dealth - Equiside Genesis. This is the first picture of Genie as we shortened her name to since to had to give her back to the breeder in September 2008 after my 82 year Mum had a fall and was suddenly bed bound for a while and then no longer steady enough on her feet to have a large, very energenic, bouncy puppy around the house. I thought I was getting over the loss of 2 daogs in 6 months, but looking at her picture again has proved to me otherwise. Genie was rehomed with another GSD in Nottingham. I have seen her picture since and she is enormous and would have possibly been too big for us anyway. I am told she is very happily ruling her male companion. I miss her and Beta very much.


Link Posted 12/08/2009 - 16:47
Nice dog and nice photo PentaxBabe


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Thats a shame J. I hope ure mother gets beter soon and then maby you can get anouther GSD.

You shouldnt think of you looseing genie, Just had to part with her, And take comfort shes in a happy home.
Unfortunatly there are alot of dogs, Especially bigger ones that are not.

Our 3 are rescues, and all the GSD's previous to them were rescues to!

I hope you get a nice pup like genie again soon, shame the dont stay small cute n fluffy eh? LOL

Nice pic btw
Lil Andy

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