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Greetings all,

The subject for this fortnight is sunset.

Sunset in any way you wish. It could be a classic amazing view of the sun going down over a purple sea or it could be the slanting rays of the last of the light catching a face, a building, a tree, or traders and stalls packing up as the light goes at the end of the afternoon - whatever takes your fancy while suggesting that we are looking at the close of the day with the quality of light at that time playing a crucial part.

Everybody is welcome to submit an entry
Entries must be taken with a PENTAX Camera (or its equivalent Samsung)
Entries close Wednesday 27th October 2010 at 6 pm British Standard Time
Image must have been taken during the life of this round of the competition (ie, this fortnight) to be valid.
The appropriate EXIF data is attached to or accompanies your entry.
If you enter, then please be prepared to host and 'judge' the next fortnight's comp.: There WILL be a winner, and that may be YOU!
Did I mention that everyone is welcome?


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Ok so here we go then my first competition......

If the exif data is not there let me know and ill copy and paste from my laptop.

Pentax KX Black 18-55mm DAL

Panasonic FZ28 Superzoom

My Flickr


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Sunset at the Lighthouse

Pentax K-m
Focal 160.0mm
Exposure time 0.250s
Aerpture f5/6
ISO 100
Date 10-14-10


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Bump, mes braves, only a week to go.


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October gloaming

IMGP9681 by Tozza27, on Flickr">[img]http://farm2.static.flickr.com/1118/5099479723_577c972cc3_b.jpg" class="comment_image" />

IMGP9681 by Tozza27, on Flickr" class="comment_image" />

Taken from the cottage window as the sun set over Charmouth beach in Dorset last Friday - K20D handheld with 18-55 AL DA II ---f4 @ 1/45th sec and ISO 140 - matrix metering
K20D,*istD ( now a dedicated M42 digital ),K100D,MZ5N,P50,ME Super,Spotmatic 1000,Spotmatic,ESII,ES,H2.18-55 II,18-55,75-300 FAJ,35-80 FA,80-200 F,28-105 FA,Sigma 24-70 AF Aspherical,Sigma 28-300 Hyperzoom , Praotor II 500 M42,Centon 500mm mirror,and a few Pentax M42 Taks,super-Taks,smc Taks,A and M lenses.Benbo trekker,7dayshop monopod and a Lowepro rucksack.

I am now on Flickr which is nice !


Link Posted 25/10/2010 - 19:33
Surrey Border Sunset

The sun is setting over the Surrey Hampshire boarder. Aldershot, not normally described as photogenic, is hidden away in the dip between the camera and the horizon.

K-7 with DA*16-50 @ 24mm
1/320sec, F18 and ISO 200.
The camera was on a monopod. (It was too steep a climb for my heavy tripod.)

Taken on 25th October at 17:22. The sun was below the horizon by 17:50.


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In light of there not being many entries, is a sunrise acceptable?

Sunrise over Kenya

Taken 22/10/10
Pentax K7
Sigma 18-250 @180mm

My Website
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Bump last call, folks. Comp ends tomorrow.

R o b

Link Posted 27/10/2010 - 13:16
Sunsets on the web

by R is Rob, on Flickr

K20D, taken on 20th October 2010 at 17:50
Exposure Time: 1/15 sec.
ISO Speed Rating: 100
Lens: Takumar 50mm f/4.0 macro at about F8 I think


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If you can give me a fifteen minute extension I'll put up an entry.
You can see some of my photos here if you are so inclined


Link Posted 27/10/2010 - 18:26
I saw this competition today and thought I'd better nip out and take something.

You can see some of my photos here if you are so inclined


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Thanks for the entries, everyone. Competition is now closed. I'll put up the results early tomorrow. Best wishes meantime ...


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So sorry to be late with this. I had in fact written it out and was about to paste it into this thread when I discovered that my broadband was down. It was still down some hours later when I had to leave for the day. Anyway, now home again and broadband on again too. This is what I wrote:

Many thanks, everyone, for your competition entries. We've been lucky, at least in the UK, as there have been some cracking sunsets and evenings lately.

Sunet by roscopecotrain
Well done with this one. The colours are really superb and nothing is overexposed so the whole effect stays subtle. The choice of a high viewpoint with just the dark outlines of the trees at the foot of the frame gives a feeling of big skies and space to this shot.

Sunset at the Lighthouse by JudithAnn
Quite some colours here! One looks at this, gosh I don't believe it, there must be a mistake, skies can't really look like that but of course they do sometimes and nature has come up trumps. The spectacular sky is set very effectively against the colder, dark shapes of a breakwater or beach, the lighthouse and the point and the sea. Makes me feel I am there - very atmospheric. And if I wasn't there, then I should have been! I like the way the dark outlines cross the shot, breaking up the expanse of water and providing a feeling of depth and space.

October gloaming by TOZZA27
Wow, amazing colours of lilac, soft pink, light orange and darker purple hues. Wonderful. The window provides a strong frame to this shot and adds some interest and some context. Just shows that the often underrated Pentax kit lens yields nothing where it matters.

Surrey Border Sunset by GlynM
Sunset made into a starburst with a lovely peaceful feeling and soft, warm colours. A very nice shot, a reward for effort in finding a good viewpoint to judge from your caption and in selecting a lens with this ability. Everything is sharp at your chosen aperture but there is still detail in the dark foliage at the left, as there is in the ground and the "dip" towards the lower centre. Some very careful exposure. Well done! I was recently reading an article about walking in the Surrey Hills and this makes me feel they are one of England's most underrated spots.

Sunrise over Kenya by Aliengrove
Woohoo, a bit of a stretch here, but I take your point and many thanks for entering the competition. The colours are gorgeous, with the dark land soft in the early light - or is that cloud below taken from an aeroplane or high peak? And the sun is all there, nestling on a bed of cloud, not overexposed which is probably what I would have managed. A very nice shot any which way.

Sunsets on the web by R o b
This is a lovely interpretation of the theme. It's very sharp where it counts, the back lighting of the sun going down, which is all in bokeh, shows off the delicate web and the water droplets very well, and the droplets themselves are rich with colour and reflections. Looking at the exif, I realize just what super results can be achieved with these classic old manual lenses, surely one of the joys of being a Pentaxian. Well done for an original take!

Sunset by DrOrloff
The sun has sunk right down but you have selected an exposure which keeps all the detail in the sky, from the darkest point on the left to the lightest point on the right. This is not easy. And there is a lot of detail in the sky, with a pattern of wispy cloud cover and contrails. I like the way you have kept the pylons off centre, which together with the angles of the power lines and contrails leads us into the shot and adds some depth to it. The outlines of the pylons and the trees are nice, too, adding interest but not too busy or fiddly, and so balanced and apt for the sky.

It's not easy selecting a winner as I loved each of these shots and they all make a strong case for their own qualities. As there aren't that many entries, I won't run through the whole shebang but confine the results to a first and a second:

First place goes to Sunsets on the web by R o b. It's an original take on the competition theme and it's so well done!

Second place goes to Sunset at the Lighthouse by JudithAnn. This is quite the most spectacular sunset, offset with sea and foreground, and once seen I doubt your shot will be forgotten.

Congrats and thanks to the winners, and to everyone. I enjoyed this competition a lot. Now, on to the next one and, hopefully, a rising number of entries.
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Cracking shot R o b - well done and good on you JudithAnn for the coveted second place.

Great judging against odds - thanks for the challenge.

K20D,*istD ( now a dedicated M42 digital ),K100D,MZ5N,P50,ME Super,Spotmatic 1000,Spotmatic,ESII,ES,H2.18-55 II,18-55,75-300 FAJ,35-80 FA,80-200 F,28-105 FA,Sigma 24-70 AF Aspherical,Sigma 28-300 Hyperzoom , Praotor II 500 M42,Centon 500mm mirror,and a few Pentax M42 Taks,super-Taks,smc Taks,A and M lenses.Benbo trekker,7dayshop monopod and a Lowepro rucksack.

I am now on Flickr which is nice !

R o b

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I'd been looking for another excuse to try out the old macro lens again, and it looks as though it was worth it. Thanks mecrox, and TOZZA27, for your kind comments.

Hmmmm, now I've got to set the next one. To give you all a head start I'll reveal the subject will be "Energy". I'll set up the threads, etc, at lunchtime tomorrow (Friday).


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