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Link Posted 07/12/2017 - 02:30
I decided reluctantly, to post an advert for my k20d on fleabay . I am aware I have made some schoolboy errors ,
First I have used a stock photo
2nd ly postage is regular postage not tracked
And I did not specify a Uk sale.

I have now recieved a bid from a buyer from Slovania no lesswith 0 feedback.

Can I still specify aUK sale and mail the bidder
Or increase the price of postage to include tracking and signed for . I have an uncomfortable feeling about this and wondered if forum members experienced in ebay selling can advise me . Much appreciated.



Link Posted 07/12/2017 - 04:42
You can cancel his bid, tell him in advance. Then edit your listing to specify UK only and amend the postage price.

You may wish to consider joining the ebay Global Shipping Program. It cost nothing to join, ebay calculates the extra cost of overseas postage and charges the buyer separately, and you simply send your item directly to ebay's UK address. Then any problems with shipping are down to them.

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Link Posted 07/12/2017 - 22:33
Are you taking advantage of some eBay offer like "sell for 1 max"?

If so, and the time limit has passed, edit your item and post the revised details, added photos, etc. You will probably have to cancel any current bids to allow this.

If not, you should be able to cancel the listing, have a pause for thought, and start again.

Either way, what you should do is set-up "Buyer Requirements" to your liking. This specifies the hoops potential buyers have to jump through to even see or bid on your items. Unfortunately it's buried within their menus:
once you've logged in, select 'Selling' from the 'My eBay' drop-down in the top right
the next screen should say "My eBay: Selling Overview" with three words beneath: Activity, Messages, Account. Select 'Account'
Now from the list on the left, choose 'Site Preferences'
In the main part of the window you should see a line: "With Buyer Requirements you can block certain buyers from bidding on or purchasing your items."
If you click the link to "Buyer Requirements" here it will open a new tab or window to explain how it works
It's helpful to read, but you have to scroll down past that to the "Buyer Requirements" section and click on 'Show' which will expand it, then 'Edit'.

I have the following options active:
Have received 2 unpaid item(s) recorded on their account within 12 month(s)
Have a primary delivery address in a location I don't post to
Have 4 policy breaches reported within 6 month(s)
Have a Feedback score of -1 or lower

Choosing where you are willing to post goods to is somewhere under 'Postage' on the page when you are creating your item listing.


Link Posted 09/12/2017 - 00:56
Cheers guys , I cancelled the listing.
I felt uneasy about the buyer , a member since 2009 , with 0 feedback,

Thanks psclute and Abe for some good information and advice.

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