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Hi Guys - Making headway - wondering about colour calibration though. Jpg looks like what I eyeball - sweet! At home in RAW the greens predominate a bit over reds though? Use PP Hue/Saturation adjustment to get nearer the original - but does anyone know how to manipulate the Tif (for printing purposes) to get colours just as I eyeballed, with a tiny bit less green and a little more red - any ideas? And, yes, I'm nitpicking here. How are your pics coming out guys?
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Hi Pammi

Is the green over saturated on screen or when you print or both?

Calibrating camera to screen to printer is a notoriously tricky procedure (in my experience).

There are several ways to calibrate your screen from fully manual to automated. There are a host of free downloads you can get to do this manually or you can buy something like the colourVison spyder 4 express link

For printing - the main thing is to get the profiles right. Firstly check to see if everything is using the same standard - e.g. Adobe RGB - if not change them. How to do this will depend on software as well as printer and camera used (am sure there will be those on the forum much more technically adept than I to explain this better). then there is the ink and paper used - most decent quality paper comes with it's own profile - which can be identified by print software - sometimes it is a question of adding this to a list.

I have never been 100% convinced that I have a perfect match between camera - screen and print - but have managed to tweak everything to a level I am happy enough with. If I get a result occasionally that looks off - I make adjustments and try again. Seems to me whatever you view a digital image on - looks slightly different to viewing it on something else - I have even noticed sometimes a vast difference viewing the same image on the same screen in LR3 compared to viewing in Picasa compared to the version I have uploaded to PUF!!

Good luck

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Sounds familiar to me this one, had the same issue when I first ventured into the use of colorspace - I had an issue with greens when using Argb in photoshop instead of Srgb, worth checking?

For the record I only ever use Srgb now and have no real issues with matching display & prints

Buying a hardware calibration device definitely makes life easier when it comes to calibration, as Carl mentions using the right printer profiles is another important part of the process

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Using sRGB throughout the workflow makes life much easier and there are no colour mismatches on the web either.
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It's not just down to monitor calibration, or which colour space you actually work in

You see the RAW processor you use has to apply a conversion from the camera's colour space (which won't be anything 'standard'), and oftentimes this colour mapping can yield wildly different colourations compared to the in-camera JPG.

For example, Silkypix DS has a set of very good (IMHO) colour options to render the scene in different ways.

The only sure fire way to absolutely nail the colours is to perform calibration on the camera and RAW workflow as well! (It's only really necessary to do this for product-colour-matching etc).

As an example, QPcard do a little package - QPcard 203 that includes software to perform dSLR calibration.

Of course, you then have to calibrate your monitor as well... and then probably your printer... and it's getting extremely expensive and very geeky

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Right - quite a bit to try there. I'll go through things in stages, but first, I'll try changing back from Argb to Srgb to see if that is a simple fix - though I suspect I've opened a can of worms for myself

Interesting about Silkypix, I had originally used that when I started out a few years back but PS was a bit easier to use - had been thinking of checking Silkypix out again too.

Will follow this through, but without getting a headache though, as I do love the reds in the landscape.

Thank you so much for your suggesion guys.
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You could always leave things they were when they came out the box.

I've never calibrated anything and have many happy clients!

You dont often get reds in a landscape
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I agree with Ken absolutely.

I feel regretful that probably lots of photographers are led astray by magazines and the internet, where you would be led to believe that you will hardly get an image unless you shoot RAW and colour calibrate everything in sight. They will sell you lots of magazines and hardware to help you along.

There is of course a place for those tools, but it's nowhere near essential.
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