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Hi, a couple of weekends ago, I bought for my grand daughter ( 8 1/2 years old) from Ebay a Pentax K10D body in very good condition.

Spare lenses I had and I fitted a Pentax FA 35-80mm.

She always loved using my K5 instead of the compact cameras she had.
The reason for this was, that she could look trough the viewfinder.

This suited her much better.

The following are some of the pictures she took, except the first one , I took.

The biggest problem she has, is the size of the camera. She is a relatively small girl and therefore has small hands. She has problems holding the camera and at the same time pushing the release button

There she is with the camera and her little brother.
Jasmin and William.

The rest are Jasmin's

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they're never too young to start- looks like she has "the eye"


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Yes, she seems to have an eye for the subject - nice to see promising young talent !


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I was eleven when I had my first camera. She'll make a brilliant photographer. Are there some competitions she can do?
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Blaze wrote:
Yes, she seems to have an eye for the subject - nice to see promising young talent !


I had considered the Pentax Q for my daughter, given the size and their hands also. They don't have an optical viewfinder though, so call me old fashioned, I don't think it's quite the same.
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