Early morning steam


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K10+DA*16-50 mm lens


K5+DA*50-135mm lens


K5+DA*50-135mm lens


K5+DA* 50-135mm lens
After what seemed like weeks of flat dull lighting in the North East Saturday was bright but very chilly. Ideal for photographing the steam train The Weardale which ran from Newcastle, did a tour round South East Northumberland and then ran south through Durham to the Weardale Railway.
I caught it setting off from Newcastle and a couple of hours later as it galloped through Durham at about 60mph. The loco was restored Class 5 no. 45305
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What great light, and composition. They make me want to travel.


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The golden light and the brilliant contrast in colours really top notch.
The colour of the smoke on the first one makes it for me, absolutely stunning image. This would make a fantastic canvas on a wall in a living room
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Oh David, what a super set. Wish I'd known. I so nearly went to Newcastle on Saturday, then agsin it came to SE Northumberland



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What lovely light and smoke effects! And a perfect Black Five too.
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You caught them just right, great shots.


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What a great set of pictures.
I really like No:4 it gives a great sense of the speed.
Thank you for sharing these.


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Lovely set of images David, it's been a year of Black 5's for me and 45305 keeps standing in for other locos.

PPG link

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If it wasn't for the Black Fives the steam heritage business would be sorely pressed to find sufficient locomotives to work all the special trains that are now using the main lines. As you say John the Fives are often used to stand in for other engines, some of them bigger and more powerful. But then what's new? The old LMS and British Railways discovered years ago that this was a really useful class of engine.
Thanks for all the comments on these pictures.
PPG: http://www.pentaxphotogallery.com/artists/davidtrout


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#2 is perfect. It just fills everything in. Thanks for sharing a wonderful set.

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A wonderful set of images David!...hard to pick the best!....but if I was pushed,it would have to be No3!
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Very nice! I'm impressed with the images.
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I like these
K10D, K5 plus plenty of clueless enthusiasm.

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