Dummy question on istDL2 from a newbie


Link Posted 13/04/2007 - 09:18
Dear all,
Im a Spotmatic fan, but newbie to DSLR. Just bought Ist DL2. Can anyone tell me which comes first: Ist DL2 or Ist DS2 ? Any good comments or experiences on ist DL2 ? It seems to me that there is no selected focus point on ist DL2, then what should I do if taking picture with the Rule of third?
Thanks a lot.


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Welcome to the board

The sequence was something like this: *ist-D, *ist-DS, *ist-DL (and the "2" versions followed though I'm not sure in what order - some of this was down to market areas).

The DL has only three AF points. I believe you can choose to select the centre only through one of the custom menus. Personally, I use only the centre focus point because I find it better to know exactly what the camera is doing - I hold the focus point and recompose. (To make this easier, there's another custom option that stops the AF working when you half-press the shutter. You then focus with the "OK" button on the rear. This is my preferred method, especially when doing low-light work and taking shots of the kids!)

Additionally, the DL has a penta-mirror (rather than a pentaprism).

All the *ist-D range have the same sensor and so are all capable of superb results

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Thanks Matt, I just started to learn my DL2 !
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