Ducks 12.3.11


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First real chance to get out with my Kx. All taken with Da-L 50-200

Any advice very welcome
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I like them. A bit of cropping might improve. Less wasted space in 1, 2 and 4. I like the way in 1 and 4 you have the other out of focus duck appearing. A bit of clone tool to remove the stray background twiggery might help as might a quick enhance with a touch of curves/contrast and a trip through the sharpener. (I'm guessing you haven't much PP'd but its an assumption)

They make a good set of images and I can imagine them together in a 5 image frame. (flog em to to the 2nd home cottage owners )
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Thanks for the feedback dougf8, you're right they haven't seen any photoshop. All were shot in raw and then converted in pentax utility 4. i've done a slight adjustment to the contrast but not a lot. I did have a go at cloning out the twig in pic 2 with serif photoplus but couldn't get it to blend seamlessly. (definately going to get myself photoshop elements to get better at the post production stuff) They've had no sharpening as i can't get my head round the sharpening tools in serif either!?
Pentax K-x, Da-L 18-55mm, Da-L 50-200mm, Tamron Di Ld 70-300mm


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A nice set Dhumpy, they all have a lovely film-like quality too them.
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gimp is free and there are loads of tutorials and videos on the net. Lots of the principals are the same as Photoshop.
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vic cross

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Orange sauce/black cherry sauce/crispy peking. I don't mind, just get them on the plate.. Nice set but I think they could do with a little bit of sharpening as the feathers lack definition.
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