Duck with DA* 50-135 - Advice please!


Link Posted 07/01/2008 - 02:09
Hi guys and galls!

Went out and about today, ended up taking loads of shots of ducks with my new DA* 50-135mm.

As a lot of you know, I am quite new to photography and getting critique and advice from you guys has been very helpful! One question I have never really asked though, is how much better / sharper etc. are the more expensive lenses? Obviously I am expecting you lot to say 'a lot more!', but to be honest, I don't really have a reference point!

I suppose what I'm trying to work out is, how good is this lens? This shot for example was taken earlier today and I am quite happy with it, mainly for the odd look! What I don't know is, should I be expecting a lot more of the lens? Could it be sharper? How good is this shot? How crisp is the focusing? Should I have used different settings (sun was behind cloud IIRC?, 2pm ish). Do I need to learn a hell of a lot more!?

All advice very greatfully received, no matter how harsh!

1st. Photo as shot. No PP, just reduced to 20%

2nd. 100% crop of above, no adjustments!

Full size here if helpful:-

1/800 sec
Focal Length 115mm (35MM equivalent 172mm.)
WB Auto
Shot as JPEG[/url]



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Id say that was a reasonably sharp shot
Its shot wide open though (F/3.2)
You couldve reduced the exposure down to increase the aperture to around F/5.6 (The optimum sharpness for the 50-135mm lens)

To try some tests, set up a tripod, test your 18-55 at 50mm against the 50-135 at 50mm, at their optimum sharpness' (For the 18-55, its F/8 ) and see what you think of the difference. It should be noticable.


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Doesn't look too bad given the aperture, as noted I would have stopped down a little more as well. Nice shot by the way, lovely expression!

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ikillrocknroll wrote:
Its shot wide open though (F/3.2)

Not quite, the DA* 50-135mm is a 1:2.8 lens.
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Link Posted 07/01/2008 - 19:17
Mannesty wrote:
ikillrocknroll wrote:
Its shot wide open though (F/3.2)

Not quite, the DA* 50-135mm is a 1:2.8 lens.

Yeah, I didnt really think when I said that
I just knew it wasnt at its optimum
Still, almost wide open.


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Hi Unlocker,
There are more books and articles written about super duper high resolution lenses as you could possibly read in the rest of your life. and the same counts for sharpening. As i saw with which equipment you are starting of with this fantastic hobby i should say: you could do a lot worse But please allow me to give you a very well meant piece of advice. Just go out and enjoy taking pictures. Don't end up as a pixel peeper who's only satisfaction is gained by comparing all kind of hard to chew data on lens differences, optimal sharpness etc....etc.....
Not that all that stuff could not be of any help later on, but remember that the worlds best lens by all standards is already in your possession. It's also know to us as the EYE. Use that with dedication and you could even win the Pullizer prize with only the bottom of a coke bottle used as a lens.
Happy shooting, less worrying.

Best regards,


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Thanks for the advice Martin!

Main reason for posting really was to see how well I'm doing myself, and wether I was getting the best out of the lens. If I know from other's experience that it could be better, I will just go out and try harder!

One of the 1st things I have noticed with my new hobby is how big a dent it puts in your wallet! Just making sure I am trying my hardest to get the best out of my new investments!

(Just discovered wireless mode on the new flashgun, yet another learning curve. Here we go again!)

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