Does the P30 have foam light seals?


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I thought that the P series (and onwards) no longer used foam light seals, presumably due to a design change or tighter tolerances in production. Am I wrong? I have seen a P30 and it seems to have partial foam light seals on the door, but they don-t look like they ever extended all the way around.

Many thanks for the help.
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The only light seal on my P30T is around the ISO-viewing window on the back. Don't know if the P30 is the same, though.



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My P30 has seals across the top, bottom and right hand side of the back (inset into the groove the door closes against) and the ISO window.
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The rear door on the P30 is a metal one, like the earlier M series bodies.

As such it does have light seals.

The later P30N and T models have plastic rear doors and as such no foam.

Hope that helps.
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