Does it work?


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This was an image the model was keen to have in portfolio but do either of these work, I'm just not sure I'm completely happy with my post work

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Love it Brian! Very 'Katy Perry'. Rather than explain in words I've done a quick mod, hope this helps.



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Hi Will

Thanks for the vote, and thanks for highlighting the additional shadows I was at it all evening yesterday, had sore eyes and wine induced headache by the time I got to this
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That's a nice image, my eye's don't like the 'plastic' skin but I can see why that might be wanted.


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A bit tacky as concepts go, IMHO, but if the model wants it....however, if she uses that commercially won't Coca-Cola get a bit iffy about the use of their trade mark?
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Tacky? This is just a hint of where you could go with this model... if she's into the Katy Perry look, you could really go to town with candy coloured backgrounds, cupcake bras, and cans of squirty cream! It may not be 'tasteful' but she'd love you forever!
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There is an awkward stiffness to her pose that is pretty awful I'm afaid and no amount of PP is going to help
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Hi guys,

Thanks for the comments, most of which I tend to agree with

Blue hair and tatoos does tend to lean towards tacky from the off

Regarding the stiff pose, Sarah was trying to balance on a cardboard tube that wouldn't stay still and she might not like having her skin called plastic, I have no idea what makeup she used to get that look, here's the raw image from the camera, no pp whatsoever.

LBA is good for you, a Lens a day helps you work, rest and play.

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That looks much better!

Seriously, the pose looks more natural.

I think there is something about the perspective that makes the pop bottle pictures look odd. I imagine that bottle and girl were shot at different distances, and somehow the eye knows there is something fishy happening.


PS: I am assuming it's not a real bottle. It it was, then obviously they must have been shot at different distances.
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