Do you think UTube is good adverting?


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I done some videos and put them on utube, Do you think thats wise?? For adverting or to get seen?? see link i would love feed back good or bad it would help
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All publicity is good, but on its own I doubt that YouTube will bring in any concrete business. That doesn't mean it's not worth doing though - it all helps.

I was surprised to find that my website actually brought in any business, but most comes from personal contacts and recommendations.

Networking is the key, across as many different platforms as possible.
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co-incidentally I have just posted elsewhere asking if people are using Google+ at all - there's some seriously good stuff to inspire/compare and also the opportunity to demonstrate your own ability.
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Shaun, all and any advertising is good, but make it a good advert.

The images in the video are superb, so what's missing?

An advert, about you. Showing your name is good, a little bit of text at the end explaining what you do and an email and/or a web site address might be better.

Or, just add a text description below the video. As it stands, it's not a very good advert. Very good images? Yes, but that's not enough.

End your advert with a 'Call to action' like, "Visit my web site at to see more of my work and the photographic services I provide". Or something like that.

The point is, if you ask viewers to do something and provide the links for them to do it, they may visit your web site and you may get some business from them. If you don't, they probably won't look any further.

Oh, and many people find music on web sites irritating. I know I do. You could add the ability to turn it off, or take it off all together. You're supposed to be advertising your images and services, so why distract people from that by playing music that most people will not want to hear.

Hope that helps.
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At times we all hit a block and its great that we can help each other on the Pentax site, that’s what makes this a great site, your help here has been a positive one and will help me so much thanks for looking and the advice its all welcome, I will do what’s been said and use help given.
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Your Black & White video is superb, Shaun. It's a real inspiration for anyone wanting ideas and inspiration in b/w and an excellent vehicle for your work. It makes an excellent invitation to your website.

Like anything on internet, you need to have the right buzzwords to put you near the top of the searches. So at present you have your name and "photography" - but you could consider putting something from the theme in the title of each video, i.e. "Stuart Wilson Black & White photography".
Having said that, I've just seen the one with Lake District in the title !

I think putting any text on the photos would be distracting and for me, your website link just below is there to click on should anyone want to look at more.

Regarding the music : I liked it (what is it ?). If people don't like the music, they can surely turn the sound down on their computers ! I do this frequently if I don't like what I hear. I don't think it's necessary to add any sort of damping facility.

In answer to your original question : Yes, I think it's an excellent medium for advertising for people that use Youtube for searches. Whether it's the best way or not, I don't know.
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Have you thought of a blog Shaun? I know many who commit to regular updates do find it good for promoting themselves. Often they have a facebook page too.

The blog and website need keywords for google searches as mentioned in the post above




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The photographs are very good but the soundtrack is a bit loud
I must remember to turn the volume down before browsing Had my hearing aids in too




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my experiences with youtube...
it is a conveinent way to show your work.
publishing on youtube can have a halo effect where one popular video draws attention to other work in your channel.
It is global, and so may not bring you any business.
GOOGLE adsense is a rip off, I've de-monetized my videos because they weren't paying, I got locked out of my adsense account when google and youtube linked the accounts, and there has been no way to get google to unlock that account, so whomever the hell got paid for those ads it certianly was not me.


yes it's useful... and no, it won't bring you business unless it's a client you sent the link to..
and lastly... people want something for nothing... I post a vid of a photoshoot, it gets a few hits.. I post a how to video for making a softbox, it gets 20,000 hits...
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Shaun, the collection of images there are superb - although I don't find YT the best way of viewing stills to be honest... the picture quality isn't quite as good as viewing an online slide show etc, and there's less control on the speed.

Perhaps less strident music might work better with your images... it's verging on the innappropriately dramatic! The music on your website is MUCH nicer!

Lastly if you want to use YT for marketing, yep you need to cover what services you offer and reflect that in your video... I presume your core income will be wedding and portrait photography, so wouldn't a selection of images and a bit of a behind the scenes mini-documentary about who you are and how you work, be more effective. Put the video function on your K5 to good use!

PS.. the image at 0:42 - quite Gursky-esque don't you think?
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Thanks again every one for the help! I agree about the music the one on the lakes is not mine its one that UT put on it and iam trying to take it off.
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Do you have a facebook page? You could embed your videos there and once you get clients as 'friends' you'll quickly find their other friends joining you.
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I have had a look at the videos on your You tube Shaun and I like them very much, the music adds a bit of drama too, the only problem I had I couldn't make a comment on the Youtube page, (I don't know why) I can't think that any advertising is a bad thing, we need to see your name and your photo too, I think someone else suggested that also. Best wishes Trixie


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Try this Shaun -


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It worked thanks Pentaxophile
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