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Slightly off topic but there isn't an obvious forum for this question...

In an ideal world I would have my own darkroom and do my own printing. I don't live in the ideal world.

I have a number of BW images shot on film which I would like a good old fashioned traditional print. I don't, however, just want a straight print, I'd like someone good at their trade to make an excellent print. Once upon-a-time, there were darkroom specialists who did this sort of thing. Cartier-Bresson, for example, had someone else print the vast majority of his images.

Does anyone know of a service that fits the bill? I know there are several advertised in the back of magazines, but if anyone knows of someone who does a "gallery" service, I would be grateful.

Best wishes, Kris.
Kris Lockyear
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Hi Chris,

Just a thought. Is there anything near you such as a art collage that may have the facilities for you to use?

In Aberystwyth we have an art centre where they have dark room facilities and run courses there throughout the year. I've enrolled a couple of times to enable me to use the facilities and also it's nice to meet like minded people and exchange ideas etc. They also have open day's where you can arrange to use the facilities for a very reasonable hourly rate.

I find it very satisfying producing a image from start to finish old school. To be honest I was allowed to take my young son(10 then) once and was amazed when you placed the paper into the developer and up pops the image ha ha.

Hope you find a solution.


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I'm not sure if they still do B&W, I used to use AH Leach in Yorkshire for large prints ....

I had an enlarger and stuff to go up to 20"x16"

You could ask Ilford if they have any customers that do it.

Edit: https://www.onevisionimaging.com/ took over the colour printing side of Leach in 2009. They do list Fine Art B&W?
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Used them for both digital and film, fantastic every time. link
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