Pentax Spotmatic SP Serialnumber 1215292


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Hello everybody...
My father left me this Camera, can i retrieve the build year from serialnumber?


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I doubt it Pentax don't follow any order with SN's.

The SP was produced from 1964 and the SPII from 1971. Yours could well be an early one from say 64-67 because I've seen higher SN's

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From here would suggest some time in 1965/66, see SNs 1038632 and 1219471 with given dates of May 1965 and August 1966 respectively at these links:






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I bought my Pentax Spotmatic in July 1965 with the serial no 1052405. However, I bought it in the USA and it is branded "Honeywell Pentax" (Honeywell had the exclusive franchise for Spotmatics then). I don't know if these US branded ones had a different series of numbering, although it would seem to be consistent with Mike's numbers and dates.

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My SP is s/n 1028439 with an ASA range of 10-800, and 231 engraved on the bottom plate which as far as I can tell makes it a version 1 from the original 1964 manufacturing campaign. SP serial numbers started at 1000001. Version 2 SPs were I think manufactured in several campaigns from 1965-1973 with ASA range of 20-1600, with 23102 engraved on the bottom plate. 121xxxx could be 1967-8. Hope this helps.
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