DA* 16-50 & 50-135 SDM problem.


Link Posted 16/11/2014 - 12:21
Last summer i send both my lenses for SDM repair. On 50-135 the sdm was replaced on 16-50 they told my there was another problem that was causing focusing problem. I was charged around 200 for the 50-135 and nothing for the 16-50. A month ago my 16-50 started having problem on focusing again and the SDM motor on my 50-135 died again 4 days ago.
Does this happen to anyone else?
Should i ask pentax for a replacement or just send them again for repair ?
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There are various posts around that explain how to convert the 16-50 to screw drive only if that helps.

Here's one>link.

I'm sure I've seen something similar for the 50-135, but....

I'd take Pentax to task over the failed SDM repair. It probably had a 6 month warranty, but you might be lucky and find it's 12 months, but in any event shouldn't fail within a few months (assuming you meant Summer 2014?).

Have you cleaned the contacts on the lens and body mounts?


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Thanks for the reply JohnX . No i send them first time for repair on summer 2013.
On 50-135 the sdm is completely dead (tried it on my Z1 to test if work with the screwdrive but no response).
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Shame. It's a case, then, of either another repair (but I would bring the failed one to their attention just in case they reduce the new repair price), another lens, or conversion to screw-drive only.

As I said in my post, it is possible to convert the 50-135. link

It depends, I suppose, on whether the relative silence of the SDM focussing is worth spending more money on?
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Has the 50-135 ever worked on the z1 as a screw drive?
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richardmills wrote:
Has the 50-135 ever worked on the z1 as a screw drive?

Yes it did!
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Link Posted 22/11/2014 - 19:08
pafu_pafu wrote:
richardmills wrote:
Has the 50-135 ever worked on the z1 as a screw drive?

Yes it did!

If it used to work on the screwdrive of the Z-1, then the problem is likely a (lack of) communication problem between bodies and lens.

Have you checked the contacts?
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I use my 50-135 every month at the kart track and rattle off in excess of a 1500-2000 photos each time, all using the SDM to focus.
LlandowKartClub on Flickr
Last month I took 2,491 photos of which circa 2000 were on my K-3 with the 50-135. Not a hitch.
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Brought here from another posting about camera body and lens repairs. Thought that I would generally add to the discussion.

A bit more about me first... I've had Pentax since the late 70's, I presently own over ten Pentax digital bodies, and well over one dozen film bodies - all perfectly within working order. I own every single PK lens presently produced with two exceptions. I also do a fair share of medium format work, and also have a variety of full framers from Canon and Nikon.

The issue with Pentax SDM was never really properly dealt with. As a company that the resources to be able to deal with it, I'm surprised at what they both have attempted and have not attempted so far. There are very obvious issues with SDM lenses in at least two of the lenses.

I should know. I've also been effected with the SDM issue in those two very brands; the 16-50 and also the 50-135. To what extents exactly? Been through two complete replacements of the 16-50 and three separate repairs outside of that.

It very concerning to have those two lenses with the Pentax labels on them; and then also knowing that they can never be used in the field by themselves. Having either of those two lenses makes a genuine need for a secondary backup lens.

Most professionals such as myself, typically carry around at least two bodies and two lenses. But this is naturally not the case with everyone.

Pentax should offer more options for people who have been stuck with these lenses. Why not full replacement in terms of refunding one hundred percent of any purchase money and also any repair money? Why not offer replacement upgrades - complete replacement of a lens to a different model?
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