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At the end of last September I found three images which I thought were mine on a national news paper website. I made an official complaint through the correct channels but got no reply. Through a mutual friend I was contacted by the photographer whos credit was on the images , he said he would try and sort it out. Still no progress in January, so I sent them an invoice. I received a phone call from the paper and was told I would receive a letter to sign and return. After a couple of weeks and no letter I was wondering what my next move should be, then I remembered a website which shows the contact details of the bosses of just about every company in the UK. I emailed the editor on his private email address and that got an immediate response. Within a week it was sorted, money in the bank and I now have an account to submit images to probably the biggest newspaper group in the country.

I have just checked the photos and the credits have not been changed, but what I was paid for three 800x600 pix images I am not bothered.


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Well done! There are far too many big companies and organisations that will ignore claims in the hope that the claimant will eventually give up. The insurance companies are notorious for this.

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Glad you got it sorted. K.
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