Comet Neowise


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Anyone else had a go at taking a photo of Comet Neowise?

John K


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Comet Cloudwise for me
All the gear with no idea


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O dear, there's always another day, but not many!
Catch a falling star and put it in your pocket...
John K


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I was thinking about taking a wander down the road tonight to have a look. It's not fully night until after 10 here so I prefer not to do it on a school night.
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I think I'm too far south and due to living in a mountainous region of Spain, by the time it's dark enough to see it it's below my horizon to the Northwest, and it's too light when it rises above the horizon to the Northeast.
Peter E Smith

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HarisF1 wrote:
Comet Cloudwise for me

Me too


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Yes, had a go last weekend I call this one "Heavenly Body" quite why I chose to stand in a grave yard at 2am last Sunday Morning.... Anyway here is my take on Comet Neowise over St. Oswald's in Lee Church Heavenfield, Northumberland.


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Yes, not having too much success here either

Mannesty wrote:
I think I'm too far south and due to living in a mountainous region of Spain, by the time it's dark enough to see it it's below my horizon to the Northwest, and it's too light when it rises above the horizon to the Northeast.

Today is a great day - they always are if you wake up


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Here is one from last night from the South Downs; lots of others looking from on the hill as well!

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Pleased to see some more and that I wasn't the only one with a picture. All in all it's a pretty rare event seeing a comet and an opportunity not to be missed if at all possible. For mine I only had to go out of the back door, no graveyards or hill tops!
Thought it strange the comet didn't get a mention on The Sky At Night.
John K
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I fancy having a go at this!
Andy, at what sort of time was yours taken, & in what direction / elevation (i.e., above the horizon)?
Being in Wiltshire, I reckon it'd be about the same as in Sussex......

The more I look, the more there is to see!
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Hi Roger,

This was about 23:20pm. My first shot was about 22:40 - ie when I could first make it out with naked eye as a very faint 'smudge'. It is to the North-West. Follow a line through the length of the Plough/ Ursa Major, left to right and it is off there somewhere. Elevation 30deg at a guess. It may be possible to pick it out earlier with binos I suspect, or maybe even a long-ish exposure with a wider angle lens to pick it out in the sky!

Happy snapping and we look forward to the result!


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John, Stephen, Andy, these are brilliant pictures and thank you for sharing them.

I've missed the last few episodes of The Sky at Night, my usual source for such events, and I wasn't aware of the comet being visible.

The forecast tonight for the Pennines North of the Leeds / Bradford conurbation is dry and partly cloudy - I may get lucky.

Getting older and grumpier. Taking longer to decide which lens to use today.

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Don't think it's even had a mention on the Sky at Night. It certainly didn't get a mention in the episode just gone. They were showing you how to photograph the sun instead!
This page from NASA shows how to find it.
Basically it's north north west.
I have to admit I couldn't make it out with the naked eye but knew it had to be there as revealed in the photo. It's a rare event and definitely worth capturing for posterity. So even if you can't see it with the naked eye, if the sky is clear of cloud point the camera north and see what you get.
John K


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After staring at the Sun they probably can't see the comet in the dark skies.
All the gear with no idea
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