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Link Posted 17/01/2010 - 06:38
Has anyone had first hand experience with cleaning dust and fingerprints from negatives before copying them?

Thank goodness I did some searching before starting as I was going to wipe them down using a damp cloth or rewash them and this is apparently the worst thing that one can do.

The most cost effective recommendation is to use 98% or better alcohol, has anyone used alcohol and were you happy with the result.



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I would use this product for cleaning film.
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Thanks I read about it and agree that it sounds perfect, did you see the price that's why I was thinking of using alcohol. If it must be PEC-12, then I'll use it but I have a lot of negatives.


Steve Chasey

Link Posted 18/01/2010 - 14:13
Greg - Pec 12 is expensive, but it goes a long way! I use it sprayed (very gently) onto a cotton bud so as not to "flood" the neg or slide I'm cleaning.

It's the proverbial canine danglers.

If you are going to try alcohol - use isopropyl alcohol. Should be about half the price of PEC 12 (used by the trade for cleaning up old lens and camera bodies - but not the lens glass). Availability might be an issue - only sold by chemists (as opposed to pharmasists). Might work on film, but not as good as PEC 12 which is formulated specially for the purpose.

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I have always used TETENAL film cleaner. Jessops used to sell it for about a fiver for a half litre bottle. 70-90% alcohol, 10-30% benzin. Moisten cloth with cleaner and wipe neg gently. Looked on t'web, spray is available.


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I have now tested isopropyl alcohol, 90%, using a dampened micro fibre cloth and giving the negatives a quick wipe down, it removes all the dust and fluff and dries instantly without any effect, that I can see, on the negative. I must still find a badly marked one and try it using ear buds to remove bad spots and stains.

Thanks for all the advice.

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