Catching FUNGUS in time !

Peter Elgar

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Not sure if THIS is correct Forum Section -- but indoors ill with bad cold and effects of Skin Cancer Operation etc etc so not much 'camera activity' I looked at my Pentax 6x7 lenses and found small Fungus Flecks on front surface of my lovely SMC Pentax 6x7 45mm f4 bought in USA in the 1990's day before the was 'devalued' !! Shock, Horror ! I checked all other lenses and no flecks but sticky dust. I used lens fluid and tissue then wiped with a micro-fibre cloth and Fungus Flecks came off just in time ! So warning to members-- sit down with your gear with your afternoon cup of tea and look at all your lenses to a ceiling light bulb -----
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You probably did enough to kill it. Olympus used to recommend rubbing Ponds Cold Cream on it first. Leave for a while then wipe off and then clean with lens fluid/cleaner.

No idea what the Ponds Cold Cream does it only contains very basic ingredients.

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From what I've experienced, fungal spores are everywhere and always present. They simply need the right conditions to bloom. As long as lenses are kept well ventilated and in a fairly dry environment they'll be fine.

I myself have only ever had one lens 'contract' fungus. It was a SMC Takumar 135mm that I had opened up and cleaned, then put back in its leather case. The old cases are terrible in this regard. The old musty smell you often get from them is proof that they're not the best place for lenses to be sitting for extended periods.
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