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I was going to add some more photos of my trip to Cardiff but after the response to the ones of Llandaff Cathedral I think I will not bother!
Pentax K1-ii and MZ6
Pentax Lenses 28-80 F, 300 DA*, 80-200 F, 35 F2.4 AL, M50 F1.7, 28-105 DFA, 20 F4 SMC


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Well I liked the photos of Llandaff Cathedral, especially the first one showing the full height of the arch. Very unusual and impressive. Just didn't comment at the time you posted.

Keep on showing your photos.



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John, please don't be put off by lack of comments, it can happen at times, for different reasons (getting drowned in a flurry of simultaneous posts being one of them). And even if one image or set of images gets no love, another just might
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