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whats an ideal day walking bag for carrying camera, 2-3 lens, tripod, waterproofs, maps, food and accessories
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Lowepro 202AW is my latest bag. Perhaps the 302AW as your K20D is bigger than my KR which i take with Sigma 10 - 20, Pentax 18-55 and Pentax 55-300 plus small tripod or monopod in side holster. Some room intop for waterproof, map pocket on front.

The sewn in elasticated waterproof cover pulls out from a hidden pocket. There is a neat sewn in screen cloth inside. The bag is Slingshot so slides round for instant use through side pocket.


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I use a Lowe Alpine Primus AW and think it is great. Plenty space for camera + lenses in the bottom section and other kit in the top section. It has a tripod 'bracket' on the outside and has a rain cover for really bad weather (although unfortunately the rain cover won't cover a tripod if you have one mounted on the outside of the bag). It can also give a bit of a sweaty back on a hot day as it doesn't have an 'air-circulating' back-facing side.

Might also want to look at the Kata bumblebee - I know people here on the forum have recommended it previously

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Funny you should post this today, I've just got home from a day out walking around North wales using my Lowe Alpine Primus AW and as Matt says it's pretty good, carries the weight very well - well worth trying

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Lowe Alpine don't make photo-bags, they make mountaineering gear, i'm sure you're confused with Lowe Pro.

For what you want the lowe Pro Primus AW should certainly be on your list to look at.
If you want a bigger bag than the Kata Bumblebee-222 UL is another option.
If you want something smaller than Lowepro have some other options as well, just look at their site.

Clik Elite also probably have some bags that will fit the bill
This one for example.

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Have a look at a Kata 3n1 Sling bag I have the 3n1 30 and it is the best I have tried, much better than the LowPro Slingbag with just the one shoulder taking all the weight, I love to be able to use it round in front when changing lenses, There is a seperate pocket where you can carry waterproofs and food/drink.
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I am using Tamrac Evolution 6.

I can pack my K5 + 55-300, 16-45, 31, 100WR, M50 1.7 and Composer into the compartment, whilst still have space on the upper compartment for my lunch box, PSP. Comes with rain cover too.

There is a bigger one 'Evolution 8' which is a bit bigger and more spacious which includes space for a laptop.
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Thanks for imput took all info on board and will give all the option a through look at
K-3. K20D, Pentax 18-55mm AL II, Pentax DA 16-45 Pentax FA 50 F1.4, Pentax 18-135 wr, Pentax-AF 80-200, Pentax DA 55-300, DA 10-17, Metz 48
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