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Link Posted 01/03/2013 - 12:57
I'm looking into having a calendar printed for a local charitable cause, and would like some recommendations on who to try. There seem to be plenty of companies out there to choose from but there's just know way of knowing what the quality would be like.

Many thanks.


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Try bonusprint, judging from their photo books they should be good?
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If they're still on the go, try giving McCormacks in Glasgow's Buchanan Street a call, or there's Watson's Print in Dobbies Loan, Glasgow. There may even be somebody a bit closer to you, such as Inverness, so maybe a wee phone call to the club secretary of ICT, or perhaps Ross County FC, to find out who they use for printing the matchday programmes, then go from there.


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I used Vistaprint earlier this year. Very easy to upload photos and add text, decent quality and not expensive.



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How many are you looking for?

It might be worth looking at a professional printer rather than high street copy shop (Bonus Print, Vista Print &c)

If the intention is to raise money then the costs on the High Street will restrict how much you can make from selling them on. A professional printer even for a run of 100-200 could be cheaper.


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Many thanks for the suggestions, and i would be looking to print 100+ of them. I've discovered that have a branch in Inverness as well as online so i'll give them a call tomorrow.



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I make a photobox calendar every year and their quality is fantastic and am always happy with it.


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Have a look a Simply Calendars. A small doctor's surgery that has calendar producing software. Print your self and then have them bound.


They are so helpfull and upgrades are generaly free
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Small print runs of calendars are difficult. From my experience, print runs below 1000 units are costly, that applies specially to photo wall calendar print.

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I've used VistaPrint several times with very good results. I've also used my local Jessops store once when I needed stuff in a hurry. They can print some options in-shop but have to order others in from printers.

I've found the VistaPrint size and layout options better for my needs. Check the various suppliers for the size(s) and layout(s) you want.
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