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Just had my Kr returnd to me from Johnstons they have calabraited the af and up graded the firmware. My question is will the af need checking again at some point in time.
Regards Ian


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Every time you buy a new lens.
Yves (another one of those crazy Canucks)


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pentaxian450 wrote:
Every time you buy a new lens.

So are we saying that every DSLR sold with kit lens, are calibrated to those lens ?.

Chris R.
Chris R.

I. El. (Eng). (Rtd).


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I doubt that very much, just as I doubt that every new lens purchase would require a camera to be recalibrated with that lens. I think the situation is being exaggerated, although there are some lens/camera combinations that may well need a tweak.
Best regards, John


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The following article by might be enlightening in this context:
[...] Most people assume that ‘fine’ means ‘perfectly calibrated’. In reality cameras are like any other manufactured item, calibration is within a given tolerance range. [...] If the camera calibration was adjusted as part of the fix, I might find that another lens in my kit that used to be great, now backfocuses a bit. In the past, many full time pros who were aware of these issues, would send their entire collection of cameras and lenses to the manufacturer to be calibrated together. This was one of the original reasons Canon and Nikon formed their Professional Services groups. [...]


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Well I have tried on the camera a few lenses now and as far as I can see they all seem to work well at this point in time. Since the calaberation my camera is producing much better photos.
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