Broken imported images!! All may not be lost.


Link Posted 11/03/2014 - 09:58
I use Photoshop downloader to import images from the memory card and don't allow it to delete the images from the card. Recently for some sad reason I trusted the downloader when it said all images had imported OK and allowed it to delete the image files from the card.
About half of the images were broken and could not be viewed with Photoshop Organizer or other RAW file viewers, various recovery software tools found lots of other images on the card were usable but did not find the ones I wanted in a usable state.
I then played with various image repair tools on the faulty imported files but to no avail. However I noticed I could right click and open them in PSE Editor, once I had opened them in the editor the broken files became usable. Even before any actual editing the thumbnails appeared and they could be viewed with PSE Organiser.
I went on to edit them and save as JPEG with no problem. And the original unedited RAW files are now usable as normal.
What made them appear broken and why the editor made them usable I don't know but there is a moral to this story.
1) Don't delete images files from the camera card until your very sure they have imported OK.
2) Set Photoshop Downloader to never delete from the card.
3) If your a fool like me right click on the broken file/s to see if it/they will open in the editor.
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Link Posted 16/03/2014 - 09:27
Thanks worth remembering. I have only had one problem with broken files it was a faulty 16GB card would work for around 4GB then failed. Card returned and photos not important. I take the attitude looking at what you have taken means loosing opportunities so in the main only inspect when I get home. The card fault does point to being a good idea to review photos every so often. The auto view as each photo taken still worked but clicking back to old pictures did not.


Link Posted 17/03/2014 - 21:29
My problem is sometimes if you ask PSE to import to many from the card to PC many imported to the PC may appear broken and unusable. Like fool when PSE said all had been imported OK I let it delete the images from the card. Although the images appeared broken they were later usable no RAW editor would open them, that's until I right clicked on them in Windows Explorer. This allowed me to open them in PSE editor, even without editing them they immediately became viewable and useable in the normal way. Doing this must have cleared some erroneous glitch on the broken images.
So far I have never had broken photos on the camera memory card, as a precaution although I use up to 32gb cards I try not to put too many images on one card in case it should fail and loose all my photos.
A friend of mine used Windows to delete some images from a K5 memory card however the camera still thought the images existed and displayed an error for them. Moral use the camera to delete images.
Regards David
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