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My hp5550 printer has given up the ghost. For years it has produced some really good A4 colour prints. Vibrant colours plus subtle tones when they're needed and they look a pretty good match to the imac screen pictures. I used the tri-colour and photo cartridge.

I have read of the hp 'cartridge zone' problem so perhaps I should avoid hp now. Epson used to have a good name for photo quality although one I had in the past never impressed me.

Has anyone bought a colour printer recently and could they comment on quality and value (and ink useage)?

Cheers chaps.


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sophiecentaur wrote:

I have read of the hp 'cartridge zone' problem so perhaps I should avoid hp now.

What is this? - please describe/explain.


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MrB wrote:
sophiecentaur wrote:

I have read of the hp 'cartridge zone' problem so perhaps I should avoid hp now.

What is this? - please describe/explain.

If it's the same problem we just had, and it's very common, it might be the fact that the print heads are separate to the cartridges, unlike many other manufacturers who have the print heads built in to the cartridge. When the HP print head gets blocked, as ours has, there isn't really much that can be done and ultimately all you can do is bin the printer. With others you can simply change the cartridge. Currently looking at alternatives to HP as well for this reason.
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It seems HP printers (I don't know if this applies to all HP printers) are linked to a geographical zone (like DVD players) and ink cartridges bought in one zone will not work in printers from another zone.

I know it sounds crazy and I had to look at a few sites before I convinced myself it wasn't an internet joke.

It should not be a problem except you cannot be sure cheap printer cartridges are cheap because they are from a different zone. There is also the possibility that an HP printer bought in the UK is actually from a different zone. I had this happen with a TV/DVD combo once.



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I bought an epson R2400 and fitted a lyson ciss all for under 250 via ebay, which I love to bits and would recommend all day long. I also have an epson R240 with a ciss fitted with dye ink which again I'd recommend. Both good quality printers that produce stunning results.


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That ciss looks a very good idea - the cost per print becomes much more reasonable. The set up (on UTube) looks a bit Heath Robinson but, if you don't need to move the printer, that wouldn't put me off.
As far as photo quality is concerned, the Cannon range seems to be in favour in the reviews on the Web.
Problem now is that my printer has started working again (it seemed to need a night's sleep) but I have now got the idea of a better printer in my mind. I expect the hp will play up again before too ling and give me a real excuse to boot it out.


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Canon and Epson both make very good desktop printers - you can't go very far wrong with either. I would only recommend Canon over Epson if you are not intending to print very often (ie at least once a week). The Epson printheads can be very unforgiving.


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Don't bother with canon printers.....can't get the paper or (expensive) inks locally, prone to banding and yellow casts (just look on the internet!) and 'support' is non existent! I'M SELLING MINE!
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Looks like I can't make a right decision!! lol


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Printers are Satan. All of them.
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