Boathouse on Lake take 3


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is this more what you mean Stewart?
is this "moody"
K3 II and the odd lens or 2

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like it :O)


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Got to say, I likt it too..
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Here's a third vote for I like it
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Nice job Joe, this gives a timeless period feel which suites the image well IMHO
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Thatsa well good, (silver efex)
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I like it, except for the high contrast which seems to me to have lost a lot of the tonal details leaving it a bit empty?


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it was a lot of fun doing this and my daughter now has it hanging in her house some where. i think i prefer the colour version as i do like to see blue sky, maybe because we have not had a lot for a while, and you obviously can see the tonal differences even though the bulk of the trees are bare and a bit monotone.
thanks to all for the comments. to Vividart and Stewart who kicked it all off and made me use some of this software i have collected and neglected, thanks.
K3 II and the odd lens or 2

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