Bird with new lens


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Taken recently using old fully manual Tokina lens. MF on moving girds is a challenge but if I get sucked into birds I'll probably get new lens for this.

All tips and C&C welcomed.

1/160s f8 external flash


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Looks pretty decent to me

I bought one of these Tokina 400mm lenses - shame it was full of fungus when it arrived - that said it performed ok even with fungus, before being returned to the seller for a refund.

I have the Tokina 300mm mf lens and that works pretty well.

Its a shame the bird was not looking slightly more to it's right as the light would have fallen more favourably on it's left eye.


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I agree MF on moving Girds is tough

With MF it is best to pre-focus on a spot (at f8 to f11 if the light permits) and move your feet a small amount as required to pull the bird into focus, take multiple shots. Not cropping too close can also improve perceived sharpness. Pentax. Pentax DA*300/4, Cosina 55/1.2, Lens Baby Composer Pro & Edge 80, AFA x1.7, Metz 50 af1.
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