Bill Ward wows ADAPS


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Bill, known here as thingsthatihaveseen, came to ADAPS tonight and gave a thoroughly entertaining and inspiring presentation. Super stuff and universally everyone had a great time. So thanks again Bill, and here's a picture showing the enthusiasm of all concerned:

Best regards, John


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He certainly did.. Enthralled the crowd with his long exposure images. ICM work and tales of his photographic life.. A pleasure to listen to... I think one or two of the girls even fancied Bill... Some folks have all the luck... A fabulous night... !!
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Bill's a great speaker. Last year he spoke at Tyronet's camera club in Ashington and invites went out to other camera clubs in the North East region. Hundreds turned up including Barrie and me from Durham and Alan (Blythman) from...well Blyth. Very entertaining and photographically superb.


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Ah, thanks all... thank you for last night John... thoroughly enjoyed the evening... both the talk and the conversation before/afterwards... Stuart, thanks for coming, really glad you enjoyed it... and thanks for the above David... remember it well... great fun...

Just on a general note, I do enjoy giving talks at photographic/camera clubs (availability permitting, always the tricky bit with the day job for me), so do feel free to get in touch via pm and I'll see if we can make a plan...

All best



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Just me in my camera club in my village Bill
When can you come over
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derek897 wrote:
Just me in my camera club in my village Bill
When can you come over



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Hope you all are having great time !
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What a great story. Well done!


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First of all John I thought you had Bill Ward the drummer of Black Sabbath to entertain you. That would have been good but this Bill Ward even better.

On a light note, without being unkind, I see your club, like ours, and I suspect most camera clubs, is attended by lets say, the mature section of the population....
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Looks like I will have to start up a camera club so I can invite Bill! Looks as though a great time was had by all, I am very jealous! I've always loved Bill's images, very rarely is there one I don't like and I think it's great that Bill gives his time to attend local events like this. Thumbs up from me.


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