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Sorry, I know there is another thread on bags at the moment, but I have a more specific question so didn't want to kidnap Mike's thread.

Does anyone have a recommendation for a good 'day' photography backpack for hiking? Something with room/compartments for photo kit plus space for waterproofs and other hiking type stuff (waterproofs, lunch etc etc)?

My typical take-out kit would be K5 with DA18-135, plus DA15, DA21, DA40 Ltds and DA55-300. Plus filter pouch, oddment bag (for cable release etc etc) and a Slik 624CF tripod with ballhead.

I've been looking at the Kata DR-467 or Bumblebee DL-210. Anyone have experience of these? Any good?? About the right size for this amount of kit??? Alternative recommendations????

Comments and suggestions gratefully received

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Hi Tim

I have a Kata 465i and use that for shorter trips and a Lowepro Dryzone Rover for proper (wetter) days out in the hills or when more space is needed

Both are great - the Lowepro is larger and heavier but very comfortable

Hope this helps.


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I have one of these Lowepro primus AW:


Might be just the ticket. I reckon you would get your kit list in there plus have room for a scrunched up waterproof, sandwiches, water bottle, map etc...
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Fran and i have used various camera backpacks over the last five years, As we often hike, ski and canoe, our requirements were, the bag had to be light weight, comfortable, weather resistant and versatile. So far the best compromise in terms of these requirements has been the Lowepro Photo Hatchback.

Lowepro make some great bags as do others, we now have 2 different bags for different needs, we still have not found a 1 bag solution, if you do let me know.



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Tim I posted a topic, a short while ago, on what I use with a list of all the kit it carries.

I find it to be very comfortable and easy to use: link

Definitely recommended.
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I use one of these link it looks more like a standard rucksack than something you would put camera gear in which is a good thing as it doesn't attract attention. Relatively cheap. no frills but does the business on short - medium one day hikes and the like...
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With less room for your lunch & waterproofs but a pocket and strap for a tripod I use this one link.

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Hi tim
I use a lowepro flipside 400aw as well
cheers Neil
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Tried a few different backpacks including a Flipside 400, but none really suited. They didn't hold the right combination of gear and not comfortable enough after a few hours.

Ended up buying a proper walking daysack with a mesh frame that kept the pack off my back, it also has room for a water bladder.
For camera gear you can buy a dedicated insert for camera/lenses and a tripod can be carried in a side pocket secured with the fitted straps.
In the end I bought a secondhand Lowepro 100 Slingshot to use as an insert, butchered it just leaving the camera section and fits perectly

I have recently seen something like the above from Lowepro and F-Stop also make similar bags, all at a premium price.


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Many thanks for the responses - really helpful! Lots of options

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The Amazon Basics camera bag is awsome for the money. Plus it is less likely to get nicked. There are several in the range.

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For this kind of job I use an old LowePro Orion Trekker (although mine can't easily take a tripod apart from using the compression straps). It needs to be taken off your back to access the camera part but the top section holds a lot of 'walking' kit.

IMHO when it comes to backpacks for walking/hiking, either use a good daysack with a suitable insert or a LowePro - they get the 'rucksac' bit right. I can carry my Pro Trekker 400 AW quite easily with 2x P6x7 bodies + prisms, 4 lenses and all the other paraphernalia I need - the bag weighs 3kg on its own but the harness is superb.

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you probably don't want a sling pack but I'll mention it anyway

I've invested in a Hazard4 photo recon pack that uses military style molle straps on the outside panels for expanding the capacity with water bottle pouches, utility pouches etc


here's a vid review


In the side accessible compartment I can keep K-5 with 17-50 on, DA12-24, DA 55-330, 105 sigma macro and Metz flash.

It has cinch straps on the side for tripod and one on the bottom which could retain your waterproofs.

It's modern looking but not camera looking, unless you put a padded lens case on


Like most American kit even if it's made in the far east it's fine quality and I hope it will last me years


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Stuey wrote:

I have a Kata 465i and use that for shorter trips

+1 on the Kata bag as per Stu's recommendation.

I try to avoid bags that look like "camera bags" and I think the Kata 465/7 fit that purpose pretty well, especially the multi-colour ones.
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