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Link Posted 02/12/2010 - 15:11

I have been very busy and added John Riley's six beginners guide articles which were written for the magazine to the site. They can be found within the brand new articles section on the site.

Part One - Organising your digital files
Part Two - Setting up your digital workspace
Part Three - Photoshop cropping and resizing
Part Four - Photoshop Brightness & contrast
Part Five - Photoshop sharpening technique
Part Six - Sharpening method in Photoshop
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Link Posted 02/12/2010 - 15:42
Thanks Dan - I have been busy reading them .


Link Posted 02/12/2010 - 17:41
Excellent work Dan, the new articles section is giving some good reading.
Cheers, HG

K110+DA40, K200+DA35, K3 and a bag of lenses, bodies and other bits.

Mustn't forget the Zenits, or folders, or...

I've some gallerieshere CLICKY LINK! and my PPG entries.
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