Around Derwentwater ...


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... by day





... and in the evening ...




All taken with K70 and Sigma 17-70mm. All comments welcome.


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jvs wrote:
All comments welcome.

7 is the best for me by a long way. For the others, they are nice images, but you were there at the wrong time of day.

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Thank you, Peter. The "wrong time of day" is certainly true of the daytime views in glaring mid-day/early afternoon sunlight, so I have no argument with you there. I think the light in the evening photos is clearly much softer and more attractive in all four images, though I would agree with you that no.7 has more interest and contrast than the others. It will be interesting to see how the rest turn out, being daytime shots taken in similar conditions.


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Wrong time of day? For what ?

Those mid-day/early afternoon photos (which I like a lot) convey the feel of that time of day very well. That's a good thing IMHO. The boat photo conveys the feeling of evening (and a lazy one, too!) very well, and that's also a good thing. Which would I have on the wall? Probably the boats, because that would be more immediately appreciated by most people who weren't there. But which would bring back memories and feelings of a good walk in the hills? The mid-day/afternoon photos. Horses for courses.



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That's very well put, Steve - thank you for that! Taking photos in the light of mid-day is almost always going to come off second best in the eyes of photographic purists (that is not meant as a dig/insult/comment on what you said, Peter!) and maybe would not win any prizes , but it does not mean that such photos are worthless, for the reasons you give, Steve. (And again, I emphasise that Peter did not say they were worthless, but rather implied that they might have been more striking for him if the light had been different.)

Enough! Before I say something which will be taken the wrong way! I'm grateful for your comments, both of which have merit depending on the context in which the images are seen.

Best regards,


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We usually take our photos just when we happen to be at a particular location - if we are particularly enthusiastic/perfectionistic/etc. we may time our visit to coincide with certain times of the day/year/weather/etc. - but mostly we make the most of what is in front of us. My recent set of the Malverns is such an example - bright morning sun, very colourful but a bit hazy and lacking in mood. Some of your Lake District images may have had more impact with the vibrant greens of an early spring morning or the autumnal hues of October time - but they do provide a record and convey the look and fell of the time of your visit.

I enjoy your work - and I like that fact that you display sets of images, rather than just picking out one or two "stunners" - keep them coming
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