Apologies for absence from competitions


Link Posted 17/05/2012 - 09:23
I would just like to put up my apologies for not supporting the recent fortnightly and weekly competitions.

It is not that I don't enjoy them. I think they are a great fun and provide a great learning experience for both new and older members. Getting the chance to review such wonderful pictures has now got me into judging other competitions which I would have never otherwise done.

I have been on the waiting list for a heart by-pass operation since Christmas. The operation took place, at short notice, on Friday and I came home yesterday, Wednesday.

It might be a little while until I am completely up to speed again but Hipperty and I will start raiding the archive to see we can get back into to at least the weekly comps. Hopefully it won't be too long before you will see me back in the fortnightly comps.

So Hipperty says I have to warn you all that we are back!


P.S. - I would also just like to mention the fantastic staff on the Bruce Wier Ward of St Georges Hospital in Tooting - A big thank you all round.


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Best wishes for a speedy recovery



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I'm sure you'll be up on your feet in no time at all.

+1 for the speedy recovery.
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I hope you are soon up and about again Glyn, and feeling a lot better for it.

Hipperty will start nagging you to go for a walk soon .

Maybe you and Barrie (amongst others) can compare notes and start a PU bypass group .


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Welcome back Glyn. Like Gwyn says you can compare notes with Barrie, he's looking better than ever since his similar op.
PS: Regards to Hipperty.

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Hi Glyn, Once you get going you will feel like a new person. Just keep up with the exersice plan. Good to have you back.

Have you joined the Zipper Club? link

We could have Scars as a competition theme.
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Link Posted 17/05/2012 - 13:46
Many thanks people for all your kind comments. Thanks also to Barrie for the encouragement and link.

Its is just about 24hrs since I got home and already I am feeling a lot better. The worst problem seems to be finding somewhere comfortable to sit and the computer chair is winning hands-down .

I suspect my age favours me. I'm only 56 but the guy opposite me in the hospital, having the same op, celebrated his 90th birthday on Sunday.

JaneM has weighed my K-5 fitted with a nifty fifty and said I am allowed to pick it up. She has also got the tripod and lights out so expect a new entry to the weekly competition soon! I promise it will not be of my scars which are ugly enough without being on me as well. (JaneM has though already insisted in making a record of them but fortunately for all of us didn't use a Pentax - See there are advantages of having a non-Pentax compact ).

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I was only thinking the other day that we had not seen you about for a while.

Glad to hear that all has gone well and you are making good progress

No doubt Hipperty has worked out a suitable exercise programme for you

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Hyram wrote:

I was only thinking the other day that we had not seen you about for a while.

Glad to hear that all has gone well and you are making good progress

No doubt Hipperty has worked out a suitable exercise programme for you

It is very early days and there are definitely ups and downs but Hipperty, and of course JaneM, are being fantastic. To slow him down I have had to promote Hipperty to head gardener. He thinks this is great.

Fortunately, as I am not allowed to pick up anything slightly heavy, JaneM has had to be, reluctantly, promoted to Sous-Chef, which at least means we are eating something other than just Hipperty's carrots .

Many thanks for your kind comments.



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Great to hear from you Glyn - wishes for a speedy and full recovery from the old codgers in Bromborough

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