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I'd like to scan a large collection of magazine articles into Adobe Acrobat (CS5) Ideally I'd like to save an archive version and a web version at the same time into two seperate directories. Could anyone tell me if this is possible or if there's is a script available to automate the process please? I'm using a PC, Win 7 64 bit BTW, Epson 1260 scanner and Vuescan Pro.

Alternatively a way to do the same in Photoshop CS5 saving as a pdf.


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Firstly, there is no CS5 version of Acrobat, all the version numbers are numeric 1 until version X and now XI.

In Vuescan you can certainly save scans in different file formats, TIFF, JPG, & PDF but they will all go into the same folder.

To do what you wish in Vuescan you'll need to create two 'Options' files, then scan each image/mag using both sets of 'options', each having a different .PDF size and save folder.
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Thanks Peter, of course your correct it's Acrobat X, I was given it together with CS5 hence the confusion. I'm thinking I may just be as well to scan everything for archive and produce content for web later. I'm basically only using Vuescan for TWAIN through PS5 or Acrobat because Epson have no drivers for my scanner suitable for Win 7 64 bit

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