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Just getting into dslr photography after many years with bridge cameras and missing the manual controls. I've still got all my old pentax k lenses from my film slr, so I thought pentax was the way to go.
I was looking for a second hand K10d or K20d as they seem to have good reviews and do everything I want and more.
In the end I bought a Samsung GX10. Hopefully I won't be thrown out for owning up to a fake Pentax!
Just playing around getting to know the camera at present but I may start to post a few shots for comments (be.gentle with me) when I get a chance.
One question. To my mind all my photos seem slightly underexposed. I've compensated by 1/2 stop and they look much better. Is that normal with this camera?


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Hello and welcome

You shouldn't have an issue with your Samsung here - also I still use my k10 - cracking camera


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Hello and welcome most Pentax camera underexpose the Samsung
Just might be the same and enjoy you new camara
cheers Neil
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gtis wrote:
Hello and welcome most Pentax camera underexpose

Exposure depends entirely on technique, the effect you want and your understanding of how the camera responds given the subject, metering method, exposure mode and probably half a dozen different parameters before you even get the image onto your computer.

Welcome to the forum, ignore most of what you read here but shoot what and how you want - oh, and share the results.

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My K5 is usually deliberately set to underexpose because its default behaviour is to overexpose. Don't worry about it and make judicious use of the + - button after reviewing the initial result. Just enjoy making pictures and post them on here (main gallery, that is). ... Oh - Welcome!
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Welcome to the forum and the world of exposure compensation - which is completely normal - I regularly have my K3 set to anything up to +1 and my K5iis to -0.7

No matter how many lenses I have owned - I have always needed just one more


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Hello and welcome.
I did the same as you, had some old K mount lenses from my film days, went to a bridge camera, for convenience mainly, then missed the cut and thrust of an SLR. I went with the K30 and find it tends to under expose, but as John rightly says a lot depends on the situation.


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Thanks for the welcoming messages. I'll try to post some images when I get a chance. Just waiting for a camera bag (it's too big for my old slr case) and spare battery to be delivered now.


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Hello and Welcome to the Forum, I wont add to the under-exposing point as it has been answered fully enough for you

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I'm having a problem adding any new topics so I thought I'd add a comment to my one and only previous post to ask for advice.

Yesterday I tried to create a topic showing some photos I took a few days ago. This looked ok on the preview, but never appeared when I submitted it using the "Add Topic" button. I thought maybe it was too big, so this morning I tried to add a new topic asking for advice on maximum post size. The same thing happened to this (ie. it never appeared). Am I doing something wrong?


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I usually suggest no more than 1000 pixels wide on the longest side and less than 400K file size. This ensures the forum software doesn't resize for you and also that donload times are quite quick when people view your images.

Did you by any chance miss a message telling you a similar title had been used before and did you really want to post a new thread? If that happens you click add again and it should work.
Best regards, John


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Thanks John,

I think it was the similar title that caused the issue. I've resized them as suggested as well.

Images now posted and comments awaited.


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This is Carol, didnt know where to do the introductory post. I am a newbie here. Hope to have a wonderful journey here.


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Welcome Carol. You can start a new thread of your own if you wish to.
Best regards, John


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Hi Carol
Welcome to the forum
cheers Neil
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DA* 300 f4 DA* 50-135 f 2.8 smc DA* 16-50 f2.8 50mm f1.7 pentax1.4xhd converter

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