Another 3rd Party K-5 Camera Battery


Link Posted 07/05/2011 - 09:13
My new Battery for the K-5 ordered from arrived yesterday, it was almost fully charged & the Pentax charger only took 10 min to fully charge it.
It is listed as the NEEWER Rechargeable D-LI90 DLI90 Lithium Ion Battery For Pentax K7 K-7 D-SLR Cameras and costs 6.84 including post & packing.
Delivery only took a couple of days from ordering.

The supplier appears to be Chinese, an outlet under the Amazon umbrella.
The battery is identical to the original Pentax battery except that the voltage is 7.4v instead of 7.2v.

It works well and is holding it's charge well despite one heck of a workout that I gave it in my K-5 yesterday.

OK, so I'm a cheep-:skate, hell, I have to be on my OAP Pension!

We'll see how it performs long term.

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Have used similar third party batteries for years with no problems.
My piccies.


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Hi snappychappy,

Thanks for your response, I hope many more will likewise respond so that we can form an official Cheap-Skate club!

I wish I had the cash that I've foolishly squandered on photography, in recent years, a Canon outfit with just about every accessory that Canon have produced along with other Brands that will be nameless to spare my blushes.

At last I'm back with my first real love, Pentax, my last film camera bought in the seventies was a Pentax.

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I would replace "cheap-skate" with "common sense".

Why pay seven times for something that doesn't seem to work any better?

I have two official K-5 batteries (came with cams ) and 4 3rd party batteries.

All work fine.
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I got one of the Neewer brand batteries as a back up to keep with my K5. Seems perfectly fine in use.

It seems like a good idea with that we all help one another find the best value and sharing experiences is a big part of that.
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Link Posted 09/05/2011 - 16:02
Put an order in to 7dayshop on 26th March for two K-5 compatible batteries. Still awaiting delivery, out of stock. May now cancel and send off to Amazon.
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Link Posted 09/05/2011 - 17:27
Does anyone have a source for the ZEIKOS ZE-LI90 in Europe? This seems to be the best possible choice, rated 2800 mA and working well according to users. Costs $17 from sources in the USA (eg Amazon).
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Link Posted 10/05/2011 - 08:19
i ordered mine from amazon too to go with my cheap skate grip both work well.
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Link Posted 10/05/2011 - 09:16
Glover wrote:
i ordered mine from amazon too to go with my cheap skate grip both work well.

Now, now, follow Smeggypants lead, replace "cheap skate grip" to "common sense Grip"

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