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I almost often shoot RAW. However I was just wondering, on the odd occasion I do want to shoot jpeg, what have other owners found to be the best 'in camera' settings to stick with, which produce the most acceptable image straight out of camera.
I am talking about tone, saturation, sharpness, contrast, noise reduction etc.

This is for the K10d.
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Try and see? Depends on the subject though.

I don't like the in camera sharpening for the K10D, too large a radius, smears fine detail. I'd rather shoot RAW.

If dynamic range is important and preventing cliping then lower contrast is better.

Saturation is a tough one.



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When i used the K10D I left it as is. When I used the K20D it was natural tone and +1 sharpness.
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So out of my head one test said +2 sharpness, +1 contrast and neatural colour.

The JPEGS of the K10D are really soft because they say it's better for prints so it needs some sharpening but in all honestly the JPEG conversion in the K10D is quite crap, i'll just stick with RAW and spend a little bit more time on it. There is a very big difference between RAW and JPG with the K10D...

ps. found the site the settings test was on.

So the best default seems +2 sharpness, +1 contrast and neatural colour. If you want punchier colours don't use the bright colour setting but use +1 saturation.

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+1 sharpen, anything more needed when we see the result is left for PP work.
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