Am I missing something here?


Link Posted 20/12/2012 - 12:08
A friend of mine (non-Pentax) sent me a link to this ebay listing:

A fully manual non-Pentax lens I've never heard of went for £230.00.

Is this pure ebay madness or is this lens an unheralded gem? Anyone know anything about it?

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Link Posted 20/12/2012 - 12:16
Pentax made a 28mm f/2 lens, but this one is a Petri 28mm f/2. Whether the description is correct I do not know.

Cosina bought the rights to the Petri name in 1978 and produced some Petri labelled Cosina SLRs. These wewre M42 screw mount as far as i know, rather than the original Petri breech lock bayonet.
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Link Posted 20/12/2012 - 15:34
Looks the same as mine costing £9.99 plus £3 postage earlier this year. Mine didn't include the felt lined case.

Its a decent lens as I recall though not had a chance to explore it fully yet. Didn't plan to but it might be time to sell already!



Link Posted 20/12/2012 - 16:14
Usually worth around £100, I sold one last year for around £80ish if I remember... £230 seems excessive, I didnt think it was that extraordinary lens...
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Link Posted 20/12/2012 - 18:22
Have a look at the bid history, two dafties getting carried away bidding against each other, the seller must have been rubbing his hands with glee
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Link Posted 01/01/2013 - 22:08
I think the only thing you're missing is that it carries a 10.0 rating on the Pentax User lens database.
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Link Posted 01/01/2013 - 23:04
I traded this lens to buy another lens not so long ago , think i valued it at thirty quid maybe less, I didn't think it was anything special but that could have been the copy of the lens i had, seen plenty of these lenses around going for less than twenty quid , ill have to make sure i buy them !
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