Allowed out at last


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Doctor cleared me to carry K3ii again. Made a bee-line for Winchester Cathedral (my 2nd favourite place).
Very large portion of a tree was carved by Peter Eugene Ball and placed in the Izaak Walton Chapel, beautiful to my eyes. So nice to be out with DSLR, long live GR.
Just passing thru


Link Posted 16/07/2022 - 17:55
Glad you're out and about again - and enjoying your DSLR photography, the GR is superb but a very different experience for those of us who have been brought up on the "real stuff"


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My dear wife says she cannot understand why I have so many lens and bodies when the GR takes such good images, I have tried to explain, this one I will not win.I have tried.
Just passing thru


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An interesting carving. It looks like there are many possibilities for photogenic close-ups, if that sort of thing is permitted in the cathedral.

takuman wrote:
I have tried to explain, this one I will not win.I have tried.

You're a brave man...



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Sorry, you're not helping Steve.
Just passing thru


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Re. Steve's comment, 'You're a brave man...' I was thinking exactly the same and then added, 'but so very foolish...'
Be well, stay safe.
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