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Joined forum to read and learn last year … but now looking for help ..
Just bought AFG 360z to go with K20D all is well except the flash’s desire to “pre flash” to help itself “focus and meter”… Can this feature be over-ridden as it makes taking the “live action” of a moving object (dog, car, musician in a band etc) difficult I accept I may not get perfect exposure but better that than a missed photo
Any known ways to do it out there ??


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Where have you got the AF lever set to?

AF-C or AF-S ? I believe it will only do it in AF-S so select AF-C.
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For starters the 360 does not fire a flash to assist focus, it has a built in infra-red thingymawotsits for that, and it only works in low light.

The 360 will fire a pre-flash to assist in the metering, this is known as P-TTL but unless you have very good eyesight and are VERY aware its doubtfull you would be able to determine that its happening at all.

Are you sure you dont have the camera set to fire pre-flash for red-eye reduction?
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Hi and welcome to the forum.


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Any known ways to do it out there ??


You'll need to:
1) Put the camera in "M". Select a suitable shutter speed, e.g. 1/60s, and an aperture that suits the scene - say f/8. Set the ISO according to the amount of ambient light - start around ISO400 or ISO800

2) Put the flash in "A" mode.

Voila! No preflash

Note that in this mode the flash is doing the light level metering through a little sensor in the front of the flash body.

If you're taking shots of fast moving objects you may also find that the custom function 'focus on half-press' should be disabled. Then, when you push the shutter it will take the shot immediately. If you want auto focus, press the "AF" button on the back.
(Takes a little getting used to, but it's a definite plus for moving things!)

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I gladly welcome C & C's. Being foggy minded they really help me learn.


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