AF360FGZ and AF500FTZ - wireless flash using both together


Link Posted 08/01/2005 - 15:33
Well first of all may I wish a very happy, and snappy ? New Year to all members. Now that Christmas is over I thought I would get in my quota of questions in early!!

I am wondering about how best to use the AF360FGZ and AF500FTZ together (with *istD) in wireless slave mode e.g. the 360 as the primary light source and the 500 as the secondary source. The question is : do I use the 360 in TTL mode only - disregarding P-TTL, or, if I use the P-TTL function, will the P-TTL "pre-flash" cause the 500 to fire too early?

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Link Posted 19/02/2005 - 13:29
My outfit is istDS, AF360FGZ, AF400FTZ. Using the AF360 as the primary and the AF400 off-camera. The AF400 on a cheap photo-slave trigger does fire too early and with the AF360 on-camera TTL mode seems to be not an option. P-TTL mode and SB are they only modes I can select on the gun when it is on the camera. The other way round works OK however. AF400 as primary and AF360 in Slave 2 mode and 'A' flash mode it works just fine. I don't know about the istD capabilities.
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