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Finally somebody tested the option of hacking into the k7/k20 system, and adjust the af - resulting in a cumulative adjustment also for the in-camera af adjust measure.

this is the dpreview thread:

I've asked the very same question about a year ago when I wanted to change my af on my lenses, and Im very pleased I now know its possible, and effective.

(Remember that it only works if all your lenses front/back focus by a certain margin; If they vary in the +/- then a hacked af adjustment will completely throw off one of the lenses.)

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So, what did your MODSET contain in order to make the 'global' adjustment?


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Oh, i haven't done it yet, nor have looked at the hack properly - I was just reporting another user's success!
'Between the lights there is always a shadow' & PPG


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Ah! Ok, thanks!


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MODSET.442 is for K20D v. 1.03
MODSET.474 is for K7 v.1.01

The file should contain one line of text, followed by a line shift:

Holding the Menu button while switching the camera on gives access to a menu where you may ENable or DISable the DEBUG menu.

I've tried it on my K20D, and it works. As far as I can see, the Debug adjustment provides a global setting, while the normal focus adjustment is performed on tp of this global adjustment (cumulative).

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See also this link

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