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hi all,

I am in the process of downsizing my lens collection and I was after some guidance re values for selling - any info gratefully accpeted.

I have a lovely PKA 70-210 F4 macro going and a PKA 50mm F2 and a PK M 135mm F3.5 - all in great nick - whats a guide price?




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On eBay I'd say around 60-80 for the A70-210, 25-35 for the A50/2 and 20-30 for the M135/3.5.

You'll get less here on the forum but by the time you account for eBay/PayPal fees (approx 12-13%) the net result will be similar.

They're all good lenses but none are particularly rare or sought-after hence the relatively low values. I think the M135/3.5 is the commonest K-mount lens after the M50/2 - Pentax shifted them by the boatload and most seem to have survived. The other two would probably both break into the top 10 of the most plentiful Pentax lenses chart.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news!
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The M 135mm lenses also seem to be in better condition than most used glass. Most likely because they simply didn't see as much use as the 50mm ones.

I paid 50 for mine a couple of years ago and it is pretty much mint, 30-40 seems a more common price though. I've seen a few priced at 33 or so BIN.

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