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Hi everyone. I'm about to get back into film and have bought an MX in black with a 50mm f1.7. I've also invested in a couple of lenses -a 28mm f.2.8 and a 135m f1.3. Does this sound like a reasonable setup for starters? Any advice about other kit I should look out for please? I've ordered some fujifilm superia 200 film - is that OK? Any tips about where to get the processing done? Sorry about all the questions!


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Years ago (before zooms really took off) the accepted wisdom for starters was you could photograph almost anything with just a pair of 28 and 135mm lenses and I think that's true. I still have an MX but I haven't shot film for a long time so can't really advise on that.

You might find a flash useful.
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Not sure when that was accepted wisdom Russ, the 28mm lens didn't become the norm until the 1980s and the 135mm is a bit long for general purposes.

In the 1950s the standard set was 35mm-50mm-135mm. In the 1970s it became 28mm-50mm-135mm, but with a growing tendency towards 28mm-50mm-100mm.

It depended on what sort of photography you were doing of course. Kevin MacDonnell, writing in photography magazine, said if he used two lenses only they would be 24mm and 100mm.

My choice before zooms was 24mm-50mm-100mm.
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Mine was 28 55 135
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Does the colour of the camera make a difference?
bought an MX in black




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Does the colour of the camera make a difference?

£10 difference on the MX. I always preferred the look of the black MX, but never had one in black. I now have a nice black MX-1 as consolation!
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I'd love to see that 135m f1.3 lens!

Bring back the latent image!


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The MX in black lovely, in the 1980s l used to shot with 28 50 135, these days 28, right through to 100

enjoy your MX


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In 1980 my setup was an MX with 28mm, 50mm & 75-150mm zoom, this covered most of what I wanted to shoot.

Still have them in use today

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I have two MX -- both not working properly -- I wore out the flash contacts on one using it with flash for so long !! You can get C41 colour processing done by 'BOOTS' the chemists branches -- we have a good one here in Brentwood and Bill the operator KNOWS about photography and gets excellent prints from my outdated films -- then there are Pharmacies which deal with 'SigFoto Labs' and they are also excellent quality -- I will see if I can find a sample scan of a 6x4" BOOTS processed print ---

BOOTS print -- No colour cast here and it was 2005 outdated Tudor 100

MZ-5 Prints 04 par pentaxpete, sur Flickr

SIGFOTO print -- outdated Fuji Reala 100

Fruit Girl par pentaxpete, sur Flickr

These were on my 1996 Pentax MZ-5 I was given
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