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Then again, there's the K-70 - should be able to pick up a brand new body from a Pentax Pro dealer with a 2 yr warrantee in one of those "special sales" (Bank Holidays, Black Friday, Xmas, etc.) for around 400 quid.
K-3 II, K-3 and a K-70 from SRS (having now relegated the K-30 /"K-50" to a backup body), & some Sigma and Pentax lenses (and a lot of old 35mm gear!)
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vic cross

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Once again thank you all for your input. I want to stay with Pentax and I like a view finder. From my Z1p and 645 through my *istD etc. etc. to my now K3ii and K1 and all my lenses 10mm to 500mm AF and manual. Zooms and Primes Old and new. Also my many and varied flash guns. As I said no rush I'll take my time do my research and sort something eventually. One day there will be a lot of my gear on here for sale. Again thanks to you all.
Born again biker with lots of Pentax bits. Every day I wake up is a good day. I'm so old I don't even buy green bananas.
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