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Link Posted 21/04/2017 - 10:17
looking at possibly getting an A3 printer, but unsure which one to choose.
ive read (on here) that Epsom printers tend to clog up if not used often enough, though Canon ones seem to be ok.
any recommendations?
max budget of 200.00, though would ideally like it to be half that!!

vic cross

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Hi simon. I've just ordered an Epson expression XP 960 Photo all in one A3 printer to be delivered today . P.C. World 179.99 Normally 200.00 plus elsewhere. Yes my old ones clogged up but only after 10 months plus no use. When I used them before then 2/3 weeks wasn't a problem. See other thread.
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Hello Simon. I recently bought one of these -
- to replace the previous model 7000, which I used for photo printing since 2010. After six years of regular use, the paper feed mechanism broke, hence the new one. Doubtless some here will be hyper-critical of print quality and, although not the finest, it is very good when being realistic about what can be expected at that price. All I would add by way of review is that I enter all the club's print competitions and no visiting judge has ever made negative comments about the print quality - the prints seem to compete quite well with those from other members (whenever I manage to get some of the artistic elements right!).



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Canon iX6550 is sitting beside me.
It did all my club comp stuff until I had to give up.
Will actually handle A3+ (if you think that size matters).
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I use the Canon PIXMA iP8750 which you can find for around 200. It will print A3+, and I use it for all my club comp prints. I use it intermittently, and it can easily go for 3 weeks between use and I've not had any problems with it. I think that the print quality is very good and it also does great B&W as it has both black and grey inks.

I've had it for just over 2 years.

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Thanks for the replies......just the kind of info I was after.
the canon pixma ip8750 is 199.00 at jessops, and with a 35 cashback from Canon, bringing it down to 164. May have a look into that one......


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Simon, this might be obvious to you but I'll write it anyway - remember to include in your calculations the future ongoing costs of replacing all the ink cartridges.



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Not worth it. Check the prices for prints at http://dscolourlabs.co.uk/about/Print_Prices

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